Beginner Pilates Classes – What You Need To Know

Pilates Classes for Beginners – Things for You to Know to Start

So, you are looking for a low-impact workout that you can add to your fitness regimen. You feel like you need to engage in an exercise that will strengthen and stabilize your core to make you feel stronger and more balanced. Or maybe, you just want to improve your muscles to make them leaner and longer. If these are the things you are looking for in a workout program, then you should try Pilates. If you have never been in a Pilates class before or its been ages since you attended a class, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with Beginner Pilates Classes.

You may be asking yourself, why Pilates? Why not stick to cardio exercises or yoga? Well, Pilates is a unique kind of exercise and fitness activity that helps to strengthen and stabilize your body’s core or center. Your body’s core is very crucial to your overall fitness. Core strength is not only vital for most athletic activities but also necessary for normal day-to-day activities such as carrying heavy loads, reaching for things, bending over and picking items up from the floor or ground. To perform all these activities effortlessly, you need to have a strong and stable center or abdominal region. The stronger and durable your core is, the less injury you are likely to sustain when engaging in strenuous physical activity.

Regardless of what makes you start doing Pilates, it is crucial that you know what to expect from the classes and some of the benefits of engaging in this type of exercise.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a type of exercise that concentrates on improving both the mind and body by strengthening and stabilizing the body’s core. The primary aim of this exercise is to provide more power to the core or trunk of your body that supports other parts of the body which are seen as branches attached to the trunk. By giving more power to the core, the body becomes more anchored and strong, and this gives more freedom of movement to other parts of the body.

Benefits of Pilates:

– Strengthens your core

– Strengthens other muscles without impact

– Prevents injury

– Creates long lean muscles

– Increases flexibility

– Increases mind-body awareness

– Improves posture and alignment

– Reduces stress

Why Choose Beginner Pilates Classes?

– Vital prerequisite before graduating to Advanced Pilates classes.

– Enhances muscle strength and flexibility.

– Improves core strength.

– Improves coordination and balance.

– Breathing techniques help you become more aware of your own body.

– Improves muscle tone and posture.

Is it Right for Me?

– Essential if you want to begin Pilates.

– Great if you want to improve posture and balance.

– Helps if you want to be stronger and more flexible in your daily life.

– Perfect for stress management and staying in shape.

Important Misperceptions of Pilates You Should Know

  • Often thought of as easy – it is not
  • It’s only for women – Pilates is for men, women, children, seniors and all people
  • Pilates doesn’t help build muscle – While enormous muscle mass isn’t a part of what Pilates can do, building some muscle to help develop a leaner, more fit and healthy body is part of what Pilates offers.

Types Of Pilates Classes

There are mainly two main types of Pilates classes; Pilates Mat Classes and Pilates Equipment Classes. Some studios or fitness centers combine two kinds of classes where clients use both mats and equipment to perform exercise routines.

Pilates Mat Classes

Because Pilates has a long history spanning decades, it has been conventionally done on a mat. Mats are the still preferred tool for this exercise in many studios and fitness centers across the world. When you rest on the mat, your body weight acts as resistance needed to perform various techniques. Mat Classes are the preferred way to start Pilates. This is because most beginners may tend to be confused by complicated equipment such as reformers as they try to master the basics or fundamental techniques of this exercise program. The best course of learning is usually to begin on the mat then graduate to using Pilates equipment.

Pilates Equipment Classes

There are also other Pilates Classes that make use of specialized equipment, mostly reformers. Pilates reformers were brought about by advancements in fitness technology in recent years and had received widespread acceptance in the fitness industry. The reformers are designed to look and function like typical hospital beds with added straps for arms and legs. The bed surface is attached to springs meaning it is portable. This helps to increase movement of muscles. Beginners who feel like they can manage well with this equipment can opt to enroll in Pilates Equipment or Reformer Classes.

One note regarding Pilates for beginners is to be sure you are properly prepared for class.  You should bring a water bottle, a towel because yes, you will sweat and make sure you are wearing proper Pilates attire.  Loose fitting clothes can get in the way of your workout whether on the mat or equipment.  The Pilates clothing you’ll want to wear is a little bit tighter.  Shirts and pants or shorts that hug your body, but that are also comfortable so not too tight either.