The Most Common Pilates Exercises

Common Exercises of Pilates

Pilates is a popular workout program which focuses on stretching and strengthening the major muscles in the body. While many people want to do Pilates, getting to a class may be difficult for them. If you are in this situation, you should learn about the most common Pilates exercises which can be done at home when you have time.


As the name would suggest, this Pilates exercise is meant to be done continuously for 100 rounds of breathing. Of course, you might need to work up to this point as beginners will not be able to complete the exercise for 100 rounds of breathing. To achieve this exercise, you will need to lie on your back on your Pilates mat.

You should then raise your legs up keeping the knees straight. You will have to curl your shoulders and lift your head off the mat. Your arms should be extended straightforward next to your torso. Once holding this position, you should pulse your arms lightly up and down while you breathe for 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out. Once you complete ten inhales and ten exhales you will have completed the 100 rounds of breathing.

Bridge Roll-Up

The bridge roll-up exercise is complete to help coordinate the lower back and pelvic muscles. For this exercise, you will need to lie back on your Pilates mat. Your feet should be planted firmly on the ground with your knees bent. You will then have to exhale and tilt your pelvis backward while pressing your lower back into the ground.

You should then press through your heels and lift your back off the ground. The movement should start with the hips and then roll up to the neck one vertebrae at a time. Once your body has created a bridge, you should hold the position and your breath for 4 seconds and then slowly lower yourself to the ground. This movement should be repeated several times.


Swimming is another mat Pilates exercise and focuses on the strengthening of your glutes, back muscles, and hamstrings. For this exercise, you will need to lie on your stomach on your mat. Your arms should be extended straight overhead, and your legs will need to be straight.

To complete the exercise, you will need to inhale while lifting your arms, head, legs, and chest off the mat. Only your stomach and hips should remain on the mat. When you exhale, you will lower your left arm and right leg to tap the floor. You will then bring them back up and repeat the movement with the right arm and left leg.


The seal exercise is used to massage the spine and relax the back muscles. To start this exercise, you will need to sit on your mat with your knees bent. You should then grab the outside of your heels by reaching inside the knees and around the outside of your foot. When you do this, your spine should be slightly flexed.

While holding onto your heels, you need to rock back while keeping your back rounded. You should rock on the mat along the spine up to your neck. Once you reach your neck, you need to rock back to the starting position.

There are many different standard Pilates exercises that you can complete at home if you do not have a class near you or cannot make it to a session. These exercises are completed on a mat and will target different muscles in the body. It is essential that you perform a few repetitions of each movement to get the full benefits.

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